Interview with Tfzolghadr

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What is your name?
TFZ… I’ve had cyberstalkers, so I’d rather not give more info than that.

What is your nameberry username and what is the inspiration for it?
Tfzolghadr… I’d rather not say the inspiration

How old were you when you first got interested in names and how did this interest begin?
I really can’t remember. When I was very little, I always named my stuffed animals, often Scotty and Cindy or Victor and Victoria. As soon as I was old enough to write, I filled notebooks with names. This was always a hobby/ obsession.

Where do you get most of your name inspiration from?
such as online, family or name sightings
I get inspiration from many different places, including novels, online, and foreign cultures. I tend to appreciate a name much more when someone great wears it. So there have been a few names, like Taner, which I have come to like due to amazing people (in this case a genocide scholar) with the name. My daughter’s middle name, Pari, is a sort of angel in Persian mythology. The pari are featured fighting for humanity in Iran’s epic poem, “The Shahnameh”, which is where I first found it.

What do you think will be the name trends of the future?
I think the vintage name trend will continue, but will come to include overlooked names like Lois, Clarice, Clarence, Cecil, Montgomery, and others. I also expect to see more Roman names on both boys and girls, such as Persephone, Artemis, and Cassian. There will continue to be more foreign imports, but I expect people to first start looking to Scandinavia for inspiration, and to gradually become more open to names from further east. I also think people will get more daring with word names, such as Equinox.

Do you have any pet naming peeves?
1. Misspelled names. Literacy is important.
2. Names where it is obvious that the parents were trying too hard to seem creative, like spelling words backwards.
3. Using boys’ names on girls. I’m a huge feminist, who believes this is simply internalized sexism. I intentionally gave my daughter a feminine name to show her that her femininity is not a weakness or something to be hidden. Instead, I believe femininity is a strength that should be celebrated. I hope my daughter learns this, as well.
4. Giving your child a creative spelling and expecting others to be able to spell it correctly, or giving your daughter a boys’ name and expecting everyone to know her gender intuitively.
5. Names which slur together, for example Brian Nettle becomes Brianettle.
6. Monosyllabic first and last names. It’s quite choppy.
7. First names which rhyme with the surname.
8. Superhero names as first names. Your son does not need to be named Superman, when Clark and Kent are acceptable, discreet options.
9. When the first name and the surname do not match in style.

What are some of your favourite names?
Boys: Caspar, Raphael, Artin, Caspian, Marcus, Lawrence, Clarence, Ansel, Cecil, Paul, Quentin, Anton, Anders, Lars, Leif, Frederick, Hugh, Tobias, Leander, Keane, Booker, Matthias, Lorenzo, Elias, Sterling, Benjamin, Reuben, and Jasper.

Girls: Camellia, Miriam, Emiliana, Astrid, Margot, Matilda, Eveline, Helena, Iris, Jeanette, Lois, Aida, Rosalind, Etta, Vera, Nova, Felicity, Therese, Patrice, Viola, and Beatrice.

What names do you dislike?
Anything misspelled or boys’ names on girls. Other than that, I try to stay rather open minded.

What are your favourite names in the Top 100 of your country?
Girls- Sophia, Emma, Olivia, Layla, Ella, Mila, Camilla, Clara
Boys- Benjamin, Christian, Miles, Declan, Hudson, Leo, Thomas, Asher

What are your favourite names that have never charted in your country?
Boys: Corin, Teague, Caspian, Malachy, Eleazer, Gawain, Zephaniah, Jericho, Ewan, Rainier, Emre, Artin, Pasha, Raffi, Evren, Sorab, Rostam, Oleander, Ogden, Equinox, Keane, Walden, Whitman, Keane, Alastair, Caelum, Cyprian, Cypress, Sequoia, Emilien, Whittier, Aleksey, Emyr, Emrys, Amias, Quill, Marius, Chayton, Quaide, Fereydoun, Kaveh, Kasra, Bardia, Everest, Dmitri, Leith, and Ozias.

Girls: Saskia, Camellia, Pari, Parisa, Emiliana, Chrysanthe, Rania, Amira, Amina, Mattea, Violetta, Seraphina, Tala, Katayoun, Guinevere, Artemis, Solstice, Solace, January, Saffron, Savina, Persephone, Jessamine, Sarina, Parvaneh, Junia, Jovana, Hyacinth, Celestina, Bryony, Amaryllis, Hero, Soraya, Anahita, Cosette, Oriana, Raha, Antoinetta, Cressida, Honoria, Florentina, Phoenix, and Cyra.

Do you have names picked out for your future children?
I already have one daughter, Emiliana Pari. Her first name is Italian, in honor of my heritage. Her middle name is Persian, as my DH is Iranian.

If we have more children, we are planning Raphael Kaveh. As for girls’ names, we’re a bit stuck. DH likes Rosalind, whereas I’m still swooning over Beatrice (mostly due to the character in “Much Ado About Nothing”).

What advice would you give to someone who was choosing a name for their baby?
Consider your surname before coming up with a name. Think about the dominant sounds, the number of syllables, first sound, and last sound. Also consider the surname’s style, as a cowboy chic first name may not fit very well with your strong, Slavic last name. Too many parents seem to try to make a first name fit, indicating that they started with the wrong step. It’s much easier to get a good name if you first figure out what you need in a first name in order for it to match the surname well.

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