Pop Culture Baby Names: Aston

Get Stupid single artwork
Get Stupid single artwork

Much to my confusion Boy banders have a large effect on baby names in the UK Zayn is in the top 300 and rising, Lawson is in the top 500, Jaymi and JJ are both on the rise and maybe Barclay will rise next year due to another x factor boy bander (from Stereo Kicks though they only lasted less then a year). The boy band I’m focusing on today is JLS another band from the X-Factor made up of Ortise Williams, JB Gill, Marvin Humes and Aston Merrygold. Both Marvin and Aston’s names peaked in 2010. Marvin reached 868 and is now out of the top 100. But Aston rose higher.

JLS were formed in 2006 and first appeared on the X-Factor in 2008 and got their first number one single with the hilariously bad Beat Again in July 2009. Aston had been slowly rising but rose over 100 births from 2008 to 2009 which was the biggest rise it had experienced though it also quickly dropped and now sits at 275. JLS broke up in 2012 so has been slowly dropping since then. If Aston Merrygold’s solo work does well it could rise again, his debut single is currently at 50 on the Australian charts and will be released in the UK this week.

Aston comes from an surname which in turn comes from a place name meaning east town and it only charts in the UK. 2 Aston’s were born in Quebec in 2013 and 160 Aston’s were born in the US in 2014 along with 5 girls.

Can Aston rebound back up the UK charts or is it way to connected to either the car or to Aston Merrygold to ever recover?

2 thoughts on “Pop Culture Baby Names: Aston

  1. Aston Merrygold is an amazing name – he sounds like he’s half Hobbit.

    I saw two or three baby Astons in the papers last year – nothing this year so far. It will be interesting to see if the new album has any effect.

    I”m not sure if the car would necessarily put people off, as the Aston Martin is a very posh car.

    1. I’ve seen one Aston this year but none before that.

      If the album is a hit I’d expect it to make a difference. And yes his name is really great Merrygold is a last name that makes you happy really.

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