Interview with esita

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What is your name? Esmeralda

What is your nameberry username and what is the inspiration for it? Esita – a family nickname.

Have you ever wished you had a different name? NEVER!

How old were you when you first got interested in names and how did this interest begin? As long as I can remember I have adored words – I loved discovering unusual or exotic words (I remember learning a long list of words that began with X when I was eight) and names were always just an extension of that. I liked to learn the meanings of names (both ‘official’ and the personal story of how people’s parents chose their names) and it has grown from there.

Where do you get most of your name inspiration from? History – I love strong names with history and character.

What do you think will be the name trends of the future? Nationalist names might gain popularity in this age of uncertainty, globalisation and mobility – it might be a way of people still claiming an identity for themselves and their children. So names like Indira, Paris, America, Dakota, Tasmin, or ‘heritage’ names like Spiros, Mairead or Akiko. But similarly hybrid or easily-translatable names might become more common for this reason. I’d like to see more Asian names coming into Western mainstream usage.

Do you have any pet naming peeves? Apart from the typical (“kreeativ” spellings, overused popular names), I lament when people choose boys names for girls simply in order to have a strong name. There are literally hundreds of strong female names with integrity, history and fabulous meanings. To me, giving a boys name to a girl sends the signal that masculinity is the only way of being strong, rather than finding the strength inherent in women and their histories. It also just sounds like you really wanted a boy and were so disappointed with the daughter you got, you couldn’t be bothered looking for a female name.

What are some of your favourite names? Not all of them are names I’d use, and I’m never telling you our top girls name, until we get a chance to use it (it isn’t even on Nameberry yet!) for Boys: Thaddeus, Atticus, Leander, Theodore, Wolfgang (never game enough to use it, but I love it!); Girls: Viridis (my DH won’t let me use this so it might go to our next cat), Winifred, Elixane, Blythe, Emeraude, Raphaëlle, Vivica, Delphine, Astrid

What names do you dislike? Surnames as names, on either boys or girls – Bailey, Taylor, Jackson etc (unless they have particular significance to you or your family). Trendy or overused names like Kayden, Jayden, Aria, Sophie, and, the worst, is Isabella!

What are your favourite names in the Top 50 of your country? (Australia)
Girls: Imogen (32), Alice (35), Harper (19 – and only because of Harper Lee), and Violet (48)

What are your favourite names that have never charted in your country? All of my favourites!

Do you have names picked out for your future children? YES! You’ll have to wait and see what our girls name is – hopefully 2017 will be the year we have a daughter!

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