Interview with Southern.Maple

What is your name?

My name is Emily.

What is your nameberry username and what is the inspiration for it?

My username is southern.maple. I don’t really remember my exact inspiration for choosing it. I wanted a tree name and “maple” was already taken, so I tacked “southern” on in front of it because I thought it sounded nice.
Have you ever wished you had a different name?

Yes. I went through a brief period in elementary school where I wanted to be a boy and started signing everything as Hayden. It was a name I found on my mom’s short list from when she and my dad were choosing names for my sister and me, and it was the name of an actor in Star Wars. I was a huge Star Wars fan back then (and still am).
How old were you when you first got interested in names and how did this interest begin?

I remember going through yearbooks as early as third grade and writing down names I thought were interesting. I also used to write down the names of all the siblings so that I could judge which family had the best names. So I’ve been a name nerd for a while!
Where do you get most of your name inspiration from?

Books, blogs, and my family tree. There have been quite a few names that just “came to me.” Sometimes when I’m browsing the nameberry forums I’ll see a name that I’ve never really noticed before and have an “aha!” moment. I’m always on the lookout for new names.
What do you think will be the name trends of the future?

I predict a rise in Scandinavian names in the States. Names like Magnus, Freya, Anders, and Jensen are catching on, and I’ve seen interest in names like Rollo and Ragnar because of the TV show Vikings. I think there’s a lot of potential there.
What are some of your favourite names?

My current top names for a boy are Samuel, George, Edward, and Arthur. My current top names for a girl are Helen, Caroline, Georgia, and Cordelia. I lean heavily toward classic and Biblical names, although there are a few names on my list, like Cordelia, that are much more unusual.

What are your favourite names in the Top 100 of your country?

Boys: Alexander, James, Benjamin, Joseph, Samuel, Caleb, Levi, Aaron, Charles

Girls: Emma, Aria, Anna, Nora, Caroline, Eva, Lydia, Alice

I could easily name a child with only the top 100 names to choose from.
Whats your favourite name that’s never charted in your country?
Guinevere and Oberon!
Do you have names picked out for your future children?

Not exactly. I have a shortlist of course, but I try not to get too attached to any one first/middle pairing in case my significant other ends up hating one or both names.
What advice would you give to someone who was choosing a name for their baby?

If you wouldn’t want to wear the name, then chances are your kid won’t either. Choose a name that you love to say, hear, and write. Choose a name that’s versatile, because there’s no way of knowing what type of person your baby will grow up to be.

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