Guilty pleasure name: Eulalia

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Eulalia is a name that definitely doesn’t fit in with my usual style and the way I prefer it pronounced is apparently wrong (it’s yoo-LAY-lee-ah according to behind the name but I prefer yoo-Lall-ee-ah). Either way it’s a barely used greek name and is the name of the patron Saint of Barcelona. I first heard of the name read a Rose for The ANZAC boys  by Jackie French and is worn by Midge’s aunt Lallie.

Eulalia is a Greek name meaning to talk well which it would help in pronouncing Eulalia since it is five syllables thankfully theres a lot of nicknames the tradition Eula probably doesn’t work too well but theres also Lallie/Lally and Lalia as well as some less obvious nicknames Ellie, Ella, Lulu, Lula and Lia help to make it more usable in everyday life. Eulalia peaked in 1893 in the US at 364 and has been off the top 1000 since 1928 and there were 25 Eulalia’s born in 2014 and the numbers over the past decade are between 20 and 40 (except 2004 where there were 17) and last year their were just as many Kynzleigh’s born and two more Remedy’s.

Eulalia is a gorgeous underused name that has never been popular and has many lovely nicknames. I would love to see it being used more often.

2 thoughts on “Guilty pleasure name: Eulalia

  1. It’s a very pretty name, and I guess you could say it however you like, if prepared to correct people endlessly (like variant spellings).

    I wonder if you’d like the name Lalla just as much, since it’s the LAL sound you’re liking?

    1. It’s just a problem with reading a name and never hearing it spoken I always thought it was the right pronunciation. Lalla just sounds a bit short to me it seems like it needs a bit more

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