Names Name Nerds love but I hate: Audrey

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Sorry about the lack of posts I’ve had exams over the past two weeks and have been studying in the week before that.

Audrey is one of those old lady names which many people seem to love, the only Audrey I know is in her forties. Audrey is a medieval diminutive of ÆÐELÞRYÐ, meaning noble strength. Audrey is a top 100 name in Australia (43), Western Australia (43), America (32), Canada (BC) (19) and top 500 in England (437) and France (277) and 58 Audrey’s were born in Quebec down from 150 in 2009. Audrey peaked in NSW in the 1920’s at 32 and was on the charts until the 70’s, it returned in the 1990’s and entered the top 100 in 2009.

In case you can’t tell from my previous posts I’m not a big fan of old lady names though I’m sure to some people my choices of Alice and Isobel to be old. Audrey just doesn’t sound nice to me it’s just got an icky sound. If you’re after a name with a similar sound choose Audra which is much rarer (and thats what most real name nerds are after)

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