Arn and Everleigh

Kings Park Dawn Service 2015
Kings Park Dawn Service 2015


Orlando Dillon (Harrison)

Hudson Robbi (Milla)

Jenson Alan

Addison Elijah Raymond “Addie” (Rebecca, James, Boston and Oliver)

Arn Lanom (Gry Maurz)

Brodie Charles (Caiden, Declan and Amelia)

Alexander Thomas (Zoe, Lucas and Mia)

Hayden Lenny

Brandon Patrick (Conor)

Harley Shane John

Hamish James

Aston Jake (Max and Zac)

Zavier Tomas (Janika and Vesna)

Thomas Basil (Nicholas)

Damian Patrick

Augie Edward (Imogen)

Harrison Lee

Harry Clifford (Leo)

Jake Ren (mum named Mihoko)

Luca Joseph (Stella)

Caden Raphael (Jesse and Tia)

Ashton (Lacey)


Lana Elizabeth (Kaden and Ella)

Bella Jodie (Sky)

Meredith Rayne


Gracie Adelaide

Kayleigh Joy

Cassandra Jane “Cassie”
Everleigh Joy Faith (Lucas and Riley)

Sofia Maree

Macey Elizabeth (Tate, Fraser and Oliver)

Olivia Dorothy

Ruby Alyce

Imogen Marie (Lucas)

Gia (Luella)

Emily Ivana (Bridgette)

Emily Charlotte

Lyla Rose (Jude)

Constance Marie “Connie” (named after her maternal great grandmother)

Ruby Ann

Sienna Grace

Jessica Judith

Emma Bernadine

Eloise Grace (William)

Maggie Alice (Lucy and Angus)

Penelope Emma

Jordan Marie

Amelia Violet (Samuel)

4 thoughts on “Arn and Everleigh

  1. Some lovely names here … I covered Aston on the blog because I kept seeing it in birth notices, and here it is again! Boy called Addison “Addie” – I just had a boy named Maddison! Or else a girl with Gary as her middle name.

    1. Maybe Aston Merrygold does have an influence? He’s definitely affected the popularity in the UK but JLS were never too popular here. And this Addison was definitely a boy, I was pretty shocked I’ve never met any Addison’s but I would assume it was a girl

      1. I can only think of Aston Merrygold too, plus it fits in with names like Ashton and Austin.

        After Virginia Trioli from the ABC had a son named Addison, I wondered if I would see more boys with the name. The nickname Addie is more of a surprise, since it’s used for so many girls’ names, like Adeline and its many variants.

      2. Aston Merrygold is the only Aston I’ve ever heard of but I know 2 Austin’s and 3 Ashton’s plus a female Ashtyn who are all aged between 16 and 8.

        Addie seems like a cute nickname given by the younger siblings like how my brother gets Iggy.

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