Pop Culture Baby Name: Olly

Never Been Better (Deluxe Edition)Another name that increased in popularity thanks to someone on the X-Factor.Olly Murs was runner up to Joe McElderry on the sixth season of the x-factor in 2009. Olly peaked in 2012 and the rise of Olly reflects his career quite well, though it fell in 2013 it could easily rise back up with Olly Murs’ most recent album Never Been Better peaking at number one in November.

Like many Olly’s Olly Murs was born Oliver the most popular name is the UK and Australia and the Ollie spelling is more common at 80 in the UK. Before Olly Murs started on the X-Factor in 2009 Olly sat at 818 with 34 babies born it’s peak so far, and to be fair without Olly Murs it would have kept rising but by 2009 it was up at 324 with 124 a jump of 90 births. By 2010 when he released his first album and had his first number one single that August the name was at 113 with 556 births, a jump of 432 which is massive. His second album was released in November 2011 too late to have an effect on the charts that year so it fell to 122 (507 babies), even though he had two number ones that year Heart Skips A Beat in August and Dance with me Tonight in December. 2012 was the year Olly peaked despite the fact that he didn’t have a number one single until December with Troublemaker (his first US hit also) and the album didn’t hit number one until December. The main reason I can think of for it’s peak in 2012 other then the exposure of the name and the rise of Ollie and Oliver is the fact that Dance with Me Tonight released in late 2011 is his biggest selling single and would have still been popular in early 2012 since it has to date sold 760,000 copies. It fell again in 2013 top 122 (the same position it was in 2011 but their were less births in 2013). It couyld easily rise again since Wrapped up and Up both peaked in the top 10 in late 2014. Their is also the rise of British group Years and Years led by Olly Alexander who had a number one hit early this year with King and their debut album out in June may help to get Olly to rise in 2015.


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