Khalessi and Thespina



Hugh Alexander and Miles Geoffrey


Hannah Elizabeth


Indi Margaret (Lily, Maya and Flynn)

Elyse Lee

Caydence June (Mistelle and Amberlie)

Maddison Casey

Jemma Louise (Joshua and Mitchell)

Reese Alivia-May

Lucy Kate (Hudson)

Kayla Jade

Grace Pamela

Lily Charlize

Mila Rose (Isabelle)

Khalessi Barbara-Lee (Tanaysha, Xavier and Logan)


Billie Jude

Jasmine Louisa

Kate Elizabeth (James and Thomas)

Kelly Anne (Rachel and Danielle)

Jenna Maree

Kristina Corpuz

Grace Elizabeth (Luke, Amye, Joel, Josh, Alex and Harrison)

Eloise Melita (Emily, Jessica and James)

Ella Christine

Lacey (Billy and Lincoln)

Savanna Kaylee (Bethany and Imogen)

Louisa Kate (Skylar)


Joseph Savatore (Curtis)

Henry Grey

Bodhi James

Blake Mason (Shakira)

Harry James (Milla)

Billy Jamison

Brax Stephen (Telea)

Max Frederic (Ella, Niklas and Harry)

Oscar George

George Stewart (James, Elizabeth and William)

Lincoln Geoffrey (Caden and Ava)

Jayden Matthew Peter (Bella, Amara, Lulu and Kye)

Finn Oliver (Abigail)

Arlo John

Elijah Francesco- Mum named Jvana

James Laurence (Max and Grace)

Joshua Reuben (Micah and Abigail)

Dean Francesco (Carmela, Carlo and Sofia)

Kade Connor (Jack, Zane, Troy and Nate)

Mitchell John

Zachary Matthew (Zara and Alexis)

Camden Oakley

Brenton Edward

Tom Stirling (Mia and Sienna)

Samuel Sheng Min (Lachlan, Sophie and Hamish)

Josef Eli (Jon-Roy and Jorja)


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