Number One in 1999: Emily

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In my high school from years 5-12 there are 30 Emily’s and 1 Emilie and I know another 4 (two have already left and 2 are from my hometown). Emily was the only name repeat in my school for girls with an Emily in year 7 and one in kindy (there were also two Austin’s in the school). It’s safe to say Emily is overused for girls my age, despite this I still like it and can see it’s appeal and it’s still extremely popular at number 4 in 2013 and is back at number 1 in WA for 2014.

Where did Emily come from to steal the top spot away from Olivia in 1998 in Victoria and Jessica in 1999 in Western Australia. Well it had been rising for a long time entering the top 10 in 1990 in WA at 9 and number 7 in Victoria. Emily has never left the charts and was at 36 in the 1900’s and fell to it’s low point of 455 in the 1950’s (thats one born each year) then it began rising to 448 in the 60’s and began a massive rise in the 70’s, to being the 3rd biggest name of the 90’s in NSW and Victoria behind Jessica and Sarah but both of these names have fallen harder then Emily, by decades end Jessica was at 2 and Sarah was at 5 and their currently at 38 and 41 while Emily is still top 5.

Will Emily still be a top 5 name in 2014? With it’s WA position it seems likely.


4 thoughts on “Number One in 1999: Emily

    1. I know two Emmerson’s already, and love Emilia. Emily itself also gained off another Em name, so maybe Emma is the one we should credit

      1. Of course but Emily probably couldn’t have reached number one without Emma’s popularity but yes Emilia and Emmeline are more Emily then Emma

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