Number on Today: Charlotte

Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 8.36.39 amToday I am starting a new series I will be comparing the popularity charts of 2013, 1999 and 1972 to see how many names have stayed and how many became dated. The number one name of 2014 was Charlotte and number 3 in WA, and has been rising since the80’s when it entered the top 100. In 1999 it was at 68 in NSW (for the decade) and their were 43 born in Victoria. In 1972 it was 414 in NSW (decade). Before it’s large growth in the 80’s Charlotte had peaked at 96 in the 1900’s so for most Charlotte’s and mothers of Charlotte’s it probably isn’t seem in the same light as a name like Alice.

Overseas Charlotte is declining down to 21 from a peak of 5 in 2000 (it was at 6 in 1999) though Charlotte-Rose is rising up to 2460 which is only 10 births but is still surprising. It’s 11 in the US, 7 in Canada (BC), 32 in France, 47 in Ireland, 69 in the Netherlands, 1 in New Zealand, 34 in Northern Ireland and 21 in Scotland. In America it is following a similar pattern to it has here but a few decades behind, first peaked (55 in 1943) fell to reach it’s lowest point in 1999 (307) and then began rising again re-entering the top 100 in 2008 at 87.

Is Charlotte destined to follow the path of 1999’s number one Emily or 1972’s Michelle or a completely different path?

2 thoughts on “Number on Today: Charlotte

  1. Charlotte was actually #1 in 2013 – the 2014 data hasn’t completely come out yet.

    Looks like she’s heading to #1 in the US, but going down in most other places. I’m interested if she can remain at #1 in the 2014 data here – I think it all depends on NSW.

    1. Yes I know I shouldn’t really have said 2014 there. I don’t know if it can maybe because all the Charlotte’s I know are born in 1999 or 2000.

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