Finbarr, Rocky and Eimear and Kassia

Yallingup Beach


Benjamin Gregory and Kayley Anne (Kiara)


Anna Karen (Andreas)

Lyra Beatrice (Ottilie Rose)

Candice Sarah (Hayden and Jacinta)

Spencer Elisabeth Leigh

Zoe Vera

Piper Jean (has two siblings)

Tess Abigail

Olivia Eve

Jessica Ivy (Jade)

Layla Rose (mum named Bianca Rose)

Pia Dee

Marley Susan (Archie)

Madison Lucy (Kiara and Zoe)- mum named Shilo

Sofie Anne

Piper Leigh

Kassia Melinda (Cristian)

India Mae

Eimear Rose (Imogen)- born in Ireland

Kya Jade (Neve)

Sierra Anais

Scarlett Poppy


Zavier John (Olivia)

Jesse (Matilda)

George Cameron

Jacob William (Emily and Charlotte)

Thomas Carmelo (Alexander)
Charlie Max (cousins named Jordyn, Sam, Oskah,  Charlotte, Indy, Ziggy, Jasper and Ruby)

Seth Jeffrey

James Derek (Jared, Amber, Leah and Noah)

Kai (Ciana)

Joshua James (Noah)

Ezekiel Kenneth Lee

Rocky Luke

Samuel John (Daisy)

Elliott Arthur

Matthew Xavier (Zara)

Finbarr Richard (dad named Tadhg)

John Peter (Yulia and Anneliese)

Zachary Sean (Ryan, Joshua and Aiden)


Jack Robert

James Michael (Liam and Sean)- dad named Padraig

Phoenix Michael Leslie (Zachary, Zane, Malakal and Thomas (dec))

Henrik Vincent (Aleksander)

Riley Paul (Shayla and Jordan)


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