Happy Third Birthday Baby Name Obsessed

Third-Birthday-polkadotmedI’ve officially been blogging for three years, it’s kind of scary since I was just 13 when I started the blog. I hope that over the three years my writing has became much more mature. I will be posting a lot less this year sorry as I’m currently in year 11 and even 5 weeks in the workload has been pretty massive.

In 2014  I had had 9031 views up from 2013 while 2015 has been slow so far (most likely since I have only posted 3 times sorry again) with on 964 views. All time this equates to: 23,201. Thank you to Anna for your years of support I would comment on your posts but I can’t be bothered switching browsers.

Celebrate this little piece of the internet existing for 3 years here are my 3 favourite posts from the past 3 years:

Popularity of names on personalised items

My love of surname names

And I’m cheating a bit all my birth announcements (theres another one tomorrow hopefully)

Thank you for all your support



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