Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz

Due to my schools Catholicness, I’m made to do community service which I do at a nursing home. While many of them have the names you’d expect (such as June, Mary and Patricia) to some that are a bit more unusual (Una). The most common I have found is Dorothy with in a room with 6 women there were two Dorothy’s and a Dorothea who went by Doris. One of the Dorothy’s was in her 90’s the others are in their 80’s.

Dorothy is the usual English form of Dorothea meaning “gift from God”. Dorothy peaked in the 1920’s at number 4 in the 1920’s in NSW, from 1920-1926 in the USA at number 2. Currently it’s on the upswing in the whole my great grandma’s name is much cooler then Emily phase everyone is going through it’s not charting yet in Australia but it’s back in the UK it rocketed from 58 babies to 107 babies putting it at 397. In the US it is at 808 only re-entering the top 100 in 2011. Dorothea and Doris both peaked earlier Dorothea in 1910 at 134 and Doris in the 1900’s at 3 but they were still reasonably popular in the 1920’s (Doris was 27 and Dorothea was 146) in NSW. In the UK Dorothea is also on the upswing in the UK at 1707, is it a future top 1000 name?

I’ve never been a big fan of Dorothy but it was my sisters favourite name when she was little due to an obsession she had with the wizard of oz she still likes the name but my mum hates it so I doubt she would go their since her favourite names are Lauren and Nadia which Dorothy doesn’t really go with.

2 thoughts on “Dorothy

  1. This is both of my grandmothers’ names – a sign of how popular it is in their age group.

    It’s a sweet name, and Dolly and Dot make nice short forms (been seeing a lot of Dot lately!), but it’s more a middle name to me. That’s probably an indication it will seem perfect to a younger parent.

    1. How I wish my grandmothers had more normal names try explaining Jamesie to someone.

      I actually don’t like Dot or Dolly their too wordy though I do know a Dot in her mid-50’s. They just seem too much like words to me.

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