Chet and Barney

Perth Schorchers
Perth Scorchers


Archer William and Jude Andrew (Maggie)

Adam and Benjamin

Emily Rose and Ruby Madeline


Zara (Cameron and Christopher)

Guilia Shelley (Alessandra and Lorenzo)

Stephanie Rose

Ella Jade (Charlotte)

Tahlia Marry

Lucynda Rose Marie (Lennon and Lincoln)

Abigail Minerva (Raphael)

Savannah Rose

Maxine Yuli

Zoe Matilda (Jasmine, Xavier and Harrison)

Scarlet Rose

Melia Grace (Jordan)

Makaela Mary

Harper Mae (Indigo)

Olivia Rose (Sophie)

Elsa Alora (Jasmine and Isabella)

Ava Lea (Jack)

Kate Anne (Patrick)

Valentina Maribel


Annabelle Joy (Thomas)


Henry William (Lilly and Sofia)

Benjamin Jack

Harley Allen (Parents named Madilyn and Brayden)

Cayden Michael (Lili and Toby)

George Thomas (Bessie and Joe)

Luca Jim Victor

Matthew Gianfranco (Christian)

Beau James (Zane and Casey)- I’m assuming Casey is a boy

Thomas David (Zac,Charlotte and Williams)

Nathaniel James

Cooper James (Isla)

Harrison William

Hamish Kames


Kai John

Nicolas Tomas (Louis and Michelé)

Tom Andrew (Chanelle)- Mum named Lizl

Jenson Henry (Lucy)

Kent Thomas (Mitchell and Heidi)

Chet (Levi and Diesel)- This is my second Chet, I’ve found it must be catching on.

Reid Lennox (Mia and Lola)

Zac (Angelo, Kyle, Bernard, Luise, Isabella and Lily)

Aiden David (Ewan, Scarlett and Caitlin)

Blake Christopher

Joel Archer

Oliver James

Louis Jack (Thomas)

Axel Ryan (Kade)

Daniel Robert (Chloe)

Lincoln Phillip

Cameron Andrew Isaiah (Alexander and Liam)

Barney George (Fergus)

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