Sefton Blaze and Brooklyn Rayne



Aiden Robert and Flynn Jackson


Sadie Gretchen

Olivia Jean

Myra Adeline Thomas (Scarlett and Hunter)

Audrey Evelyn (Hazel)

Sariyah Jayne

Sylvie Quinn

Harper Zora

Bronte Mia Rose

Amaya Kailani (Bailey, Mikaela and Evelyn)

Isabella Claire

Lucy Annabelle

Caris Elizabeth (Thomas and Lucy)


Lucia Olga Lena (Lilia)

Courtney Jade- There wasn’t a gender in the announcement so I am assuming girl even though both names are unisex

Annabell Lisa Rose

Alyssa Simone

Madison Eve “Madi”

Brooklyn Rayne

Ava Xenia

Lucia Patricia

Astrid Miriam

Ivy Antonia (Gisele)

Amy Kate (Chloe)

Mira Eileen (Leonie)

Eliza Mary


Finn Leif (Odin and Cole)

Thomas Edward

Jaxon Matthew

Malachi John

Mason Luke (Logan Kai)

Archie Geoffrey

Ned James (Sam and Clancy)

Joshua Ivan (Sophie)

Sefton Blaze

Jesse Francis

Ray Malcolm

Aric Thomas


Leo Charles (Nelle and Jude)

Sebastian Isaac

Harrison James (Charlotte)

Louie Bruno (Alexi and Kohen)

Cameron Elliott (Chloe, Carli and Emily)

Cooper Jackson (Imogen and Ebony)

Mason Terry James

Riley Lynton

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