Pop Culture Baby Name: Perrie

Little Mix - Salute (Deluxe Edition)

Perrie is one of my guilty pleasure names for the past two years and I assumed it was rare at least rarer then Perri and Peri, but since 2012 it has become the most popular form of the name (for girls) and since it’s rising while Perry for boys is falling is there a chance it could become the most popular.

Perrie first charted in the UK in 1996 with 6 babies born, it dropped off the UK charts in 1999 and didn’t reappear on the charts until 2012 with 14 babies born and in 2013 16 babies received the name the highest any form of Perrie on a girl has reached. The person to thank for this sudden (?) rise in popularity is Perrie Edwards from the girl group Little Mix who won the X-Factor UK in 2011 and have achieved 2 number one singles of the UK charts (Cannonball and Wings) as well as all their singles reaching the UK top 30. In 2013 Perrie also reappeared on the US name charts with 7 girls receiving the name the first time it’s charted there since 2005 but I’m not sure if little mix is the reason there since they’ve only had 1 single enter the top 100 (wings peaking at 75 in 2012).

Perrie is a form of the surname Perry either being old English for Pear Tree or Welsh meaning son of Herry.

Is Perrie a name on the upswing in the UK? Or is it too masculine or too dated? Will it fall as soon as Perrie Edwards stops being relevant?

4 thoughts on “Pop Culture Baby Name: Perrie

  1. To me it doesn’t seem as it could survive the loss of Perrie Edwards’ fame, but I may be biased, as to me the name is not in the least attractive.

    By the way, there were more baby girls named Texas in 2013 than Perrie!

    1. I never said it needed to be popular to be eligible just to have an obvious link to pop-culture. Perrie is a much nicer name then Texas anyway.

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