Jovie and Marvel: November

Channel 7 Christmas Pageant
Channel 7 Christmas Pageant


Addison Kay

Neve Rosalie (James)

Sofia Jane

Ida May (Jasper)

Evelyn Adele

Ava Michelle (Madison)

Klaudia Marie (Brittney and Kendra)

Catherine May (Flynn, Lachlan and Mary)

Torah Eden (Havah)

Indianna Margaret

Zoe Rebecca

Quinn Greer (Noah and Paige)

Airlie Brigid (Imani)


Zahlia Marleen Emily

Jovie Mia

Amelia Grace


Rocco Dominic (Malachi Vincent)

Koby Robert

Dustin Thomas Alvy (Kate and Reece)- Mum named Tarnya

Orlando Phillip (Connie)

Jaxon Peter (Raegan)

Coby Mitchell (Lachlan and Riley)

Jayden Michael

Jake Adam (Lily)

Luke Matthew (Joshua)

Vasili Thomas

Harry Thomas

Nate Kevin (Tye)

Marvel Anthony (Patrick, Louise, Bridget, Romar, Archer and Kween)

Corey Justin

Nate David (Lola, Zara and Reid)

Braedan Jyles

Rocco Antonio

Alexander Luke (Sebastian)

Harrison William

Finn Henry Maxwell

Patrick Trevor Joseph


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