Pop culture baby name: Anja

I'm so Excited album artwork
I’m so Excited album artwork

A year of crappy reality TV shows has ended with Marlisa winning the x-factor and a number two single and Anja Nissen winning the voice and a badly selling album and a song that only spent a week in the top 50, despite this it’s her name I can see catching on since Marlisa sounds rather dated.

Anja is a variant of Anya that is used in Sweden, Norway, Denmark (where Anja Nissen is from), Finland, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia and Germany. Anya is the Russian diminutiveĀ of Anna meaning grace. It is pronounced as An-yah. Anja is at 54 in Austria, 44 in Croatia, 37 in Slovenia and 1707 in the UK. Anja doesn’t chart in Australia but Anya does 327 in 2012 in Victoria and 62 girls were named Anja in the US in 2013.
Anja is a darling Scandinavian rarity that I would love to see on a young girl but I highly doubt Anja Nissen will be enough to make the name popular since Karise remains rare, and I doubt many of the baby Harrison’s were named after Harrison Craig or Eden’s after Karise Eden.

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