Guilty Pleasure Name: Sullivan

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Sullivan may not be a name that seems like it should be a guilty pleasure, since my boys list consists of 10 surnames, but my favourite boys name makes Sullivan unusable in Australia anyway.

Sullivan is from an Irish surname meaning “descendent of Súilleabhán”. The name Súilleabhán means “little dark eye” in Irish. Sullivan isn’t an unusual name either at 505 in the US, 730 in the UK and 730 in Victoria in 2012. Sullivan’s popularity in Australia could be because of olympic swimmer Eamon Sullivan but with only one year of data it’s hard to tell if it dropped after 2012 or kept rising since 2012 was an olympic year. Or it could be rising with the popularity of other surname names.

Sullivan a name I strongly recommend to those looking for a not widely used name that is easily spelt an pronounced that is unless they love the name Eamon.

3 thoughts on “Guilty Pleasure Name: Sullivan

    1. Maybe elsewhere but in Perth I can imagine him being relevant for much longer since no one comes out of Perth. I think that for my generation of West Australian’s it would be extremely obvious

  1. My middle son’s name is Sullivan. He’s 3.. I still consider his name to be one of my greatest parenting triumphs! 😉 I am very in love with his strong yet gentle name, and it makes me happy that it isn’t common (at all!) and I’m not hearing every second mum yell it out at the park! Nice choice of “guilty pleasure”. 🙂

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