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Sorry it’s been so long since my last post, I have exams starting on Monday so I have been busy. Today’s is one of my newest name loves that I have only really had an opinion on since February despite knowing a Fletcher (who’s parents probably didn’t realise just how popular it is since they regret choosing Sienna).


The reason I began to like Fletcher is (shamefully) because of Joel Fletcher, I don’t know how but seeing it attached to someone else changed it for me, the Fletcher I know I feel they chose it to be different since there other kids are Sienna, Carie (said like car with an ee sound not like Carrie) and Blair (who’s a boy). And because of Joel Fletcher I can see it rising this year, since it was already a name on the upswing.  Fletcher is obviously a surname,  meaning maker of arrows. Fletcher is most common in New Zealand at 68 but isn’t in the top 100 anywhere else, though it won’t be long before it does due to the popularity of surname names. Fletcher is also doing ok internationally at 248 in the UK (up 605 places since 1996) and 789 in the US amazing sine it wasn’t even in the top 1000 in 2006.


So is Fletcher destines to rise? I hope so as I find it stunning.

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