Culainn, Sisley, Vangeli and Namuun

Color Run Perth
Color Run Perth


Lincoln Gregory and Kiralee Esther

Sophie Kaye and Tanner Richard (Hayden)

Fletcher Charlie and Archer Edward (Matilda)


Emmy Jade (Tyler)

Chloe Amelia

Luca Gray

Isobel Ivy (Benjamin)

Nina Raston (Zoe, Alex and Sam)

Amelia Carey

Francesca Ava (Paul and Sophia)

Namuun (Molor, Tengis and Indra)

Indiana Rose

Eden Penny

Scarlett Annette

Addisyn Owie- middle name is after granddad Owen.

Grace Florence

Sisley Maree (Tomaizena)

Isabelle Judith Rose (Jeremy, Hannah and Thomas)

Jordana Bailey

Sienna Jade

Olivia Marie Audrey

Paloma James (Max)

Emma Rose (Sophie and Gracie)

Rachel Charlotte (Katie and Cameron)


Tedric Simon (Matilda and Penelope)

Zackery John

Charlie James (Jack and Molly)

Leonardo (Stella and Alex (B))

Marcus Umberto (Mila)

Will Henry (Casey)

Hudson John (Madeline and Charolette (I think this is a typo for Charlotte or Charlette)

Kade Clinton (Scarlett and Ryder)

Peter Maximus (Matthias, Natasha and Anastasia)

Jack Morris (Georgia)

Jye Lucas (Cody and Zane)

Zac David Christopher

Luis Jupiter (Sadie and Archie)

William Lewis (Thomas)

Culainn John

Vangeli George

Campbell Thomas (Mackenzie)- mum named Tahlia

Oliver Stanley (William)

Vincenzo Jan “Vincent”

Boyd Adrian (Katie and Eve)- I actually know this family so congrats to them

Oscar Otto (Paige)

Toby Eric


Brody Mark Donald

Oliver Marc

Lewis Reece (Charlie Peter)

Ryder John Paul (Eloise)

Brodie Clinton

Dylan Jude

Kai Joseph

Mathias Dean

Jack Niki

Blake (Kayla)

Ashton Ryan

Wesley Forde (Harper-Roy)

Paul Lee (Daniel, David and Peter)

Francis Omar Kevin (Sayuri)

Luke John (Lillian and Abigail)

James David

Miles Ryan (Alexis)

Andrew Paul (Alessandro)

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