Screen Shot 2014-11-02 at 3.21.55 pmA friend of mine has started her own blog and has asked for me to promote it because she hasn’t been getting too many views despite the fact that I keep telling her how long it takes to get views. Her blog is the English perspective about her being an English immigrant to Australia and some of the cultural differences she has observed. And since this is a name blog I will promote her the only way I know how by writing about her name.


Lucy is the English form of Lucia meaning light. Lucy is a name that has always been most popular in England peaking at 10 in 1998, in Australia it peaked at 21 in 2010 so we were a bit behind the UK. Currently it is at 66 in the US, 27 in England, 48 in Canada, 22 in Australia, 17 in NZ, 281 in France, 9 in Ireland, 196 in the Netherlands,  7 in Northern Ireland, 5 in Scotland, 20 in NSW, and 18 in WA. As a nicknamed Lucinda is the most common choice at 139 in Victoria in 2012 and 158 in NSW in 2011, or Lucia is another option that is rising and was at 122 in 2011 and 177 in Victoria in 2012,  but Lucia may be difficult to pronounce as there are many pronunciations.


So can Lucy be used as a full name or is it better as a short form of Lucinda and Lucia?

5 thoughts on “Lucy

  1. I clicked on the link to your friend’s blog, but got a dead link … it took me months to get any significant numbers of views, so you really do have to be in there for the long haul.

    I love the name Lucy! I like it better than Lucia or Lucinda, as it seems sweet and wholesome.

    1. It’s fixed now, I know I told her it does take a while I’ve been here for 2 years and don’t normally get more then 20 views a day, but I think I’ll be here for a lot longer.

      I know I love it too.

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