urlSorry it’s been so long, I had a math exam on Monday and have been studying but hopefully now I will post a bit more. Today is my last girls name and my most popular favourite. Ruby a former number one (in WA and the UK) and a top 10 pick in Australia, is she destined to be dated or is she a darling retro pick?

Ruby is a gemstone name meaning simply ‘ruby’ which derives from the latin word for red and is the July birthstone (and makes a much better name then my birthstone Garnet). Ruby has been charting in Australia since records began at 21 in the 1900’s but for a long time that was where it peaked and fell of the charts by the 1950’s. It resurfaced 30 years later in the 1980’s with just 4 babies given the name and began it’s upswing in the 1990’s when it reached 108 with 77 born per year and by 2004 it was at 21, to peak at 2 in 2011. In WA Ruby is at 5 down from last years 3 and 2010’s peak of 1 it’s a name on the decline after it’s upswing but Ruby’s still a super popular choice, falling 5 places last year from 2 to 7 in the country and is only a top 5 choice in Queensland and Tasmania (where it is two), SA (where it is 3rd) and NT where it is 4th.

In the US however Ruby is currently rising at 93 the highest it’s been since the 1940’s and peaked in 1911 at 22. In the UK Ruby is at 11 and was at number 1 in 2007 and joined the top 100 in 1999, Ruby is also a popular choice for hyphenated names with Ruby-Mae, Ruby-Rose, Ruby-May and Ruby-Leigh all top 1000 choices others on the extended list are: Ruby-Mai, Ruby-Ann, Ruby-Lou, Ruby-Rae, Ruby-Jo, Ruby-Grace, Ruby-Anne, Ruby-Lea, Ruby-Jean, Ruby-Lee, Ruby-Louise, Ruby-Blu, Ruby-Jayne, Ruby-Marie and Ruby-Tuesday. While countless others have been used but dropped out: Ruby-Jane, Ruby-Jade, Ruby-Faith, Ruby-Lei, Ruby-Lilly, Ruby-Summer, Ruby-Ellen, Ruby-Jai, Ruby-Sue, Ruby-Violet and Ruby-June.

Elsewhere in the world Ruby is 3rd in New Zealand, 67 in Canada, 20 in Ireland, 346 in the Netherlands, 22 in Northern Ireland and 24 in Scotland.

While Ruby’s rise was meteoric (it only took 8 years to reach the top spot in the UK), is it destined to fall just as fast?

5 thoughts on “Ruby

  1. Super cute name: I don’t think it will fall very quickly, it seems to take a while for the shine to go off a Top Ten name. It probably will become dated eventually, as do 98% of popular names! We all get old, and so do our names …

    1. Well Michelle hasn’t dated too bad and that was mega popular according to my mum. Even my name seems dated now but never got too popular

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