Oscar is a name that has been rising, barely heard when I was born (in the mid 130’s in NSW for the decade) to now days being a top 30 name. Oscar has the help of peaking in the 1910’s before it’s meteoric rise this century at 107 and first entered the top 100 in the 2000’s in NSW.


Oscar possibly means deer lover Gaelic or the anglo-saxon name Osgar from the old English “os” meaning God and “gar” meaning spear. Oscar is extremely popular and seems to be common in all areas and is most common in Sweden at number 3. It is at 178 in the US, 17 in England, 27 in Australia, 34 in New Zealand, 34 in WA, 49 in Belgium, 60 in Catalonia, 63 in Chile, 5 in Denmark, 77 in France, 61 in Ireland, 152 in the Netherlands, 64 in Northern Ireland, 38 in Norway, 40 in Scotland and 56 in Spain.


So is Oscar a name that will fall due to the Oscar Pistorius scandal? The opposite has happened in the UK plus with the home and away character with the name (the twin of the fast rising Evelyn “Evie”) but his character is extremely socially awkward and not the most attractive character.

5 thoughts on “Oscar

  1. It’s a great name, and already so popular that I’m not sure the Pistorius case would ruin it, but I would be surprised if it didn’t damage the brand a little. I know Oscar went up in the UK, as did Reeva, but those stats are from during the trial, and not after the conviction.

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