Pop Culture baby names: Paloma

Only Love Can Hurt Like This

I have been meaning to post this for about 5 days but haven’t had any internet so here it is. I got the idea for this when listening to Sigma and Paloma Faith’s collaboration changing, I wondered if Paloma Faith had influenced the names popularity in her native England. It turns out she has.


Paloma Faith’s first album “Do Want The Truth or Something Beautiful” came out in September 2009, none of the singles did too well but it was enough to push Paloma from 11 births to a new peak of 23 births. Her next album was released in May, 2012 and Paloma from 17 births in 2011 to 26 births in 2012. It seems to be on the rise with 30 babies born in 2013, if Paloma Faith is the reason Paloma has been rising (and it seems like it is since it has been rising with her album releases), then this year could be the year Paloma rises as she achieved her highest charting single (Only Love Can Hurt Like This which reached 6 in the UK and 1 in Australia) and she also released her third album “A Perfect Contradiction” which peaked at number two.


Outside of England, Paloma is at 754 in the US, 49 in Chile and 215 in France and was in the Spanish top 100 in 2002 and 2003. This would be because Paloma is a Spanish name meaning Dove and in the US it would mostly be used by hispanic parents.


So is this the year of Paloma in the UK? or will it forever be a rare name there.

3 thoughts on “Pop Culture baby names: Paloma

    1. I know I was shocked by how much it rose, I was expecting a few more but not almost double.

      I do like it quite a bit but my sister can’t stand Paloma Faith.

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