Charley, Tallulah and Maisy
Charley, Tallulah and Maisy

This post was originally going to be on Charlotte until I realised that Tallulah wasn’t on my list and should have been instead of Charlotte which is my 21st favourite name. After Tallulah there is just one more girls name (Ruby) and 4 more boys names (Oscar, Fletcher, Caspian and Miller). I have written about Tallulah before in my names from my childhood series 

Tallulah is a rare name meaning either leaping waters in the Choctaw language or “town” in the Creek language and spelt Talulla which means lady of abundance. As I mentioned in my last post Tallulah only ranks in the UK at 256 down from 229 in 2012. The Talulla spelling also ranks at 2649. A few hyphenated names also rank because it’s England Tallulah-Belle is the most common also at 2649 most likely inspired by Tallulah Belle Willis, Tallulah-Rose comes in at 3536 and Tallulah-Blu debuted last year at 5742, Tallulah-Mae also ranked in 2009 at 5556. In the US 144 girls were named Tallulah, 7 named Tallula, 21 named Talula and 19 Talulah.

So is Tallulah a name that deserves more popularity or is it too cutesy to be imagined on a child? Do the nicknames of Tally, Tully, Lulu, Lula, Lou and Lucy  help to make it more professional or is it a name that shouldn’t be used?

5 thoughts on “Tallulah

    1. Yeah the nicknames are very cute but I know a few Lucy’s and a Tully so I think they all work.

      It is quite artsy and I refuse to believe that having a cutesy name will effect you in life since I have a love for Alfie.

      1. I don’t think so either – I know ladies who are in their 50s and 60s with “cute” names like Katie or Annie or Dee, and they are very successful in their professional lives. Studies actually show that cute nicknamey names tend to do better in the workplace, as they seem open and friendly, and are also easy to say and spell.

      2. I see it so much on nameberry and it annoys me so much. It’s been suggested I choose Alfred even though I don’t like it over Alfie. One of the doctors I go to is named Debbie I think her name is actually Deborah but in the surgery it’s just Debbie, doesn’t seem to have hurt her.

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