Adlih-May and Rock Pasquale: September

Perth Royal Show
Perth Royal Show


Benjamin Daniel and William Chris (Amelia)

Beau John and Skylah Suzanne


Cooper Ron

Sebastian Peter (Mia)

Liam Danvers

William Hunter (Oliver)

Lucas Jensen (has two brothers)

Braxton Gary Theo John (Angeline and Amelie)

Thomas Martin (Ava and Grace)

Evan Robert (Aidan)

Reilly Jacob

Riley James

Devon Gregory (Jacob)

Alexander Neil

Cruz Hudson (Lucas and Laila)

Alfie Gordon (Lilly and Max)- Mum named Bonnie

Huntly Marcel

Harry Greg (Jimmy and Max)

Izaac Anthony (Declan)

Noah Peter (Liam and Connor)

Harvey John

Elijah Luxon

Archer Spencer (Lara)

Lucas Neil (Hannah)- Should have googled this one first

Blake Robin (Sophie)

Jared Andrew (Jasmine)

Henry Eric (Grace and Archie)

Edward Alexander (Luke)

Rock Pasquale (Shaan, Ruby and Lilah)- Dad named Rock

Samuel Matthew (Noah, Ethan and Imogen)

Elliott Wyatt (Emmett)

Samuel Joseph Lee

Toby Alexander Cameron (Lachlan, Nate and Briana)- Cameron is their mums maiden name


Mae Sophia (Linea and Hannah)

Adlih-May Anne

Jessica Marie (Sofia and Thomas)

Adele Saige (Carys, Mason and Freya)

Elise Paris (Rylan)

Lily May (Zac)

Avery Ellarose (Jade, Dylan, Brandon, Kaitlin, Ryley,Piper and Darcy)

Holly- Mum named Ariel

Phoebe June (Florence)

Natalia (Christian)

Genevieve Philippa

Harriett (Magnus)

Anaya Evelin (has one sibling)

Layla Grace (Charlie and Oscar)- Mum named Kobie

Lily Rose (Ruby, Esme and Jack)

Sofie Leeuwin- Assuming the middle is after Cape Leeuwin near Augusta


Ellodee Sheree- Found my first Elodie though it spelt so badly I don’t know if it counts

Sephora Eldoret (Sahara and Diesel)


Katie Elise

Layni (Zaid and Jevan)

Kennedy Simone

Scarlett Rose Alexandrina (Matilda and Skye)

Faith Leigh (Byron, Elodie and Isabelle)- Two Elodie’s now maybe Ellodee’s parents were right to spell it that way

Amelie Anne (Thomas)

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