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Elodie is another of my El loves (along with Isobel, Eloise, Elena, Eleanor, Arabella, Mirabel and Elsa) and another French love (along with Genevieve).


Elodie is the French form of Alodia meaning foreign riches and is pronounced ay-lo-dee on French and Ell-oh-die in English which is how I pronounce it. Elodie is in the top 300 in England and France at 236 in England and 268 in France, and was previously in the top 100 in Belgium but dropped out in 2001. Elodie was in the US top 1,00 in the 1880’s and is at the perfect time for revival with the popularity of many similar names.


So is Elodie a name on the brink of popularity or is it a name destined to be rare.


Also sorry for the delay in the post I have had heaps of tests and have had heaps of tests

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