Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 9.20.57 pmBy request of a friend the planned post on Charlotte  will be moved to most likely Friday, tomorrows post will be Jasper.

Maggie is a diminutive form of Margaret meaning Pearl. As Margaret moves out of fashion the nicknamey Maggie is rising in popularity. In the UK it ranked at 227 and has been rising since 2001 and now outranks Margaret which is at 542. In NSW it was at 208 in 2011 and I would guess it is in the top 200 now. In Victoria in 2012 it is at 120, could it be a potential top 100 in the next few years? It’s not too different to the top 100 Millie, but Millie’s long forms are more trendy then Maggie’s. Maggie is also 231 in the US but it is still outranked by Margaret there.

Maggie is a name that shows a lot of top 100 potential, especially in the UK where Maisie peaked at 14 in 2010 and is currently at 41. Could Maggie be the new Maisie? They are both short forms of Margaret or is Maggie destined to sit in the 200’s for the next few years.

3 thoughts on “Maggie

    1. I picked it last year as well (as part of my nickname names group), Tasmania’s charts would provide a look at trends with such a low population.

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