Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 1.44.19 pmOne of my many surname loves: Lawson. Lawson first came into my heart when I performed Andy’s Gone with Cattle by Australian bush poet Henry Lawson, at my local speech and drama festival which I got a highly commended for and sissy seemed to think she could do the same (she ended up performing another performance I did: Man from Snowy river). Lawson is called Australia’s best short story writer and was previously featured on the ten dollar note, it is fair to say he is an Australian legend. But Lawson is also used in the UK due to a boy band who are named after the surgeon who saved the life of the lead singer.

Lawson is an English surname meaning son of Laurence. As a surname Lawson is reasonably common 200 in the US and 275 in the UK. As a first name Lawson is also in the top 1000 in both the US and the UK at 510 and 476 respectively. In Victoria it was at 461 when 10 boys where given the name.

So Lawson a perfect first name or a surname best left that way.

Ps. This is my 201st post 🙂

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