Guilty Pleasure names: Hedley

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Taking a break from revealing my top 20 list for today to get a better insight into my newest guilty pleasure: Hedley, which I first heard on a Canadian band which I don’t actually listen to. The band Hedley first found fame on Canadian Idol in 2004 making it to the top 3. They have made the the top 10, 10 times though I suspect that is due to Canadian Content laws (or Can-con), which are laws that state that 10% of all music played on radio’s must be by Canadian artists because Canadian music is so bad the government forces people to listen to it. The three songs I know are all from there most recent album wild life (which peaked at 4 on the Canadian albums chart, anything, crazy for you and heaven in our headlights, Crazy for you recieved a bit of radio play and anything made the top 20 in New Zealand  but other then that there success has been restricted to Canada.

As a given name Hedley has charted a few times on boys but I prefer it as a girls name (like Hadley which everyone seems to prefer) but it never got popular enough to be tied to either gender peaking in 2008 with 9 babies born. In Quebec it was only given to one boy last year and he was the first since records show (which is 2008) and it has also never charted in the bands home territory of British Colombia. In the US it hasn’t made the extended list since 1925 when 6 babies were given the name. Hedley might be mistaken as a misspelling of Hadley but it’s not and has a slightly different meaning Hedley’s being heather clearing. And the main issue I have with Hedley is the pronunciation is said Head-lee which could be slightly embarrassing especially since the first thing that comes up when you google Hedley is a Canadian Idol losing pop-rock band or an Australian investigative journalist. Fair to say it’s not getting the same name nerd love as the similar Hadley and Henley and to be fair Hedley is a reasonably popular surname which is probably why I like it so much.

So is Hedley a underused gem or a name that deserves to stay never being used except in Canada on a band that has charting success because the government makes you listen to it? Or should it stay a surname? Should I just un-gulitily like Hadley instead? Those are questions I am still trying to work out the answers to.

4 thoughts on “Guilty Pleasure names: Hedley

  1. This could make a great way to honour a Heather, because of the meaning. I don’t think you need to feel guilty for liking it, but for me, I hear the “head” part very strongly. I definitely wouldn’t pair it with Baxter, for that reason.

  2. I stumbled across your website whilst browsing Nameberry.
    I’m from England and my boyfriend’s name is Hedley. He is 6’3 with dark hair and is gorgeous (I’m not just saying that). I think it takes a strong character to pull off that type of name and it suits him completely. His colleague has even decided to put it on her baby name list. In terms of nicknames, it’s just shortened to Heds (or Hedwig if you’re feeling cheeky). My name, Alice, gets changed to Alan or Albus or Alfredo, so I think whatever the name, a weird nickname will occur.

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