Screen Shot 2014-09-10 at 3.52.18 pmTodays post is a French darling gaining popularity over here and has many darling nicknames like Vivi, Evie and Neve all of them are rising. The French spelling Geneviève though it doesn’t make the top 500 in France and was only given to 7 girls in Quebec (and one Genvieve)and they could all be born to English speaking parents, this is shocking to me since Kelly, Kelly-Ann and Kelly-Anne all make the top 500.  (the full list is here and some great finds are here like Galaxyanne)  


Genevieve is a French name meaning tribe woman, not a flattering meaning but who really worries about meanings (this is coming from a girl who’s name means deep dark black wood). In Australia Genevieve peaked in 2010 when it was at 397 it is now at 179. In the UK it peaked in 2012 and made it to 397 it is now at 450. 


What I like about Genevieve is the nickname Evie and the fun sound of it. It’s girly and feminine but not over the top (I think my name is more over the top) and as Georgia falls I would love to see Genevieve rise. 


6 thoughts on “Genevieve

  1. Genevieve is quite dated in France now – it peaked just after World War II, and began going out of style in the 1980s. Quite different to here, where it has been on the charts for a while, but never become popular.

    I love the elegance of this name, and all the nickname options.

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