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A less popular form of Finn that never made it too the top 500 in the UK, Finnian could be the answer to those who find the top 100 Finn too popular. 


Finnian is an Irish name meaning white, it also has an older form Finnèn. Finnian was given to 126 boys in the US and seems to be declining, in the UK it is at 1706 given to 13 babies. Finnian peaked in 1999 and 2001 in the UK when it was given to 30 babies and 2007 in the US when it was given to 145 babies. 


Even though Finnian peaked when I was born I don’t think it sounds dated and fits in with todays trends since Finn, Finley and Finlay are still climbing now. 

2 thoughts on “Finnian

    1. I’ve never actually heard of that version, I must admit Finnian came to me in a dream one night for a character I dreamed up named Finn and decided it was a nickname for Finnian 🙂

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