Screen Shot 2014-09-04 at 2.32.43 pmSorry about no post yesterday I had to write an 800 word RE service essay which I hadn’t started yet. 

Now back to Baxter, one of my many surname loves. Baxter could serve as an alternative to the top 10 Jaxon and Jackson (which I don’t like) because of the nickname Bax. 


Baxter comes from an old English surname meaning female baker, so as far as surname names go this could be appropriate for a girl. Baxter has never been very popular (In England there were no Baxter’s born in 1999 for example) but has since rose into the top 1000 in the UK at 821 down from 671 in 2012 (it also rocketed up that year as in 2011 it was 951 does anyone know the reason for that?). In Victoria in 2012 it was at 254 I would assume it rose since surname names are pretty popular and Jackson joined the top 10. Baxter last charted in the 1000 in the US in 1927 so it’s not a new and trendy name. 70 Baxter’s were born in 2013 up from 58 Baxter’s in 2012. In the US Baxton (6 babies) and Baxley (7 girls) also rank.

One issue with Baxter is it’s a popular dogs name and is more popular for dogs (33rd) and my mother says it’s too doggy to imagine on a child. 




3 thoughts on “Baxter

  1. Cute name, and very much on trend. The only thing that bugs me is the nickname Bax, which sounds like the word “backs”, and seems to lead on to jokes about backs to the walls, back to front etc.

    I never thought of it as a doggy name, maybe because I don’t know any dogs named Baxter.

    1. I never thought of that I always felt weird about Jax (I thought about multiple Jack’s) but Backs is awful but I still love it.

      Yeah well my mum seems to think it is and she pretty much runs my name choices 😦

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