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Roisin is an Irish name said roh-sheen and I actually know a Roisin, she’s from England and goes by Ro.


Roisin is an Irish name and is a diminutive of  Rois meaning Rose so therefore Roisin means Rose or little rose. Roisin is falling in the UK and ranks at 676 down from a high of 247 in 1997 but rose a bit last year (was at 768 in 2012) so maybe it will rise again. In Ireland Roisin is at 31 and peaked in 2005 at 23, it also charted in Northern Ireland in 2o01 and 2002 in the mid 70’s so would most likely still be in the top 200 there and 22 Roisin’s were born in the US in 2013.


Roisin is a name I don’t think I can use (no Irish heritage)but I actually adore the sound of it even though it doesn’t have an l in it like most of my favourites.

6 thoughts on “Roisin

      1. I’ve never read it isn’t Ruth Park the one who wrote muddle headed wombat?

        I do also love Rosalia which I would be more likely to use.

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