Eulsie and Danidza



Ava Madeline

Poppy Isabella (Luca and Sophia)

Georgia Cerini (William)

Isabella Lydia- Mum named Eloise

Maddison Rae

Eulsie Lila Elowen

Mackenzie Joy

Olivia Jane

Brooke Rochelle (Aaron)

Macy Marie (Lara and Kade)

Frances Lee (Jack, Annabelle and Alice)

Danizda Marie 

Emily Mae (Chelsea and Sam)

Frankie Barbara- dad named (most likely nicknamed) Ripper

Anastasia Marie 

Aelia Laura (Ava and Pietro)

Mika Irene 

Natalia Grace

Violet Eve Jade (Milla)

Savannah Nicole

Mia Willow (Matilda)

Grace Victoria

Arabella Asher Brooke (Lucia and Allegra)

Ella-Kate Ruth 

Zara Rose

Mia Elizabeth (Oliver)

India Georgia-Rose 

Isla Therese 

Emily Claire

Tilly Jane (Harper Bea)

Esther Rae

Grace (Cait, Lauren and Jessica)

Hope Rose (Riley, Regan and Roman)

Indiee Rose

Jasmine Louise 

Imogen Quiver Grace 

Hannah Marie (Jazmyne, Anthony and Benjamin)

Evelyn Rose


George Anthony Robert

Kade Lynn

Leon Brian Hedley (Leila and Alexis)

Reid Stanley Hunter (Hiroko, Jade, Tristan, Lauren and Grayson)

Angelo Antonio (Stefan)

Max Frank (Eva and Milla)

Nicholas Joseph

Zachery Richard (Miranda and Summer)

Oakley Reed (Maddison “Maddi” and Taylor)

Mason Victor (Julian)

Cian Gary (Finn)

Zac Willem (Ethan)

Oliver Peter Keith (Alexia and Brigette)

Daniel Jonathan (Isobelle and Ruby)

Jarvis Nigel

Harley Cruz

Beck Matthew

Mitchell Peter James (Elliot)

William Thor

Joey John Stephen (Benji)

Tate Daniel (Finn)

Joel Patrick Jack- mum named Ollyvia

Leo William (Joe)

Fergus James (Milo and Rex)

Chase Ashton 

Olly Edward (Liam and Jade)

Fletcher Neil (Isabel)

Isaiah Matthew (Elijah and Ezekiel)

Ari Benjamin (Maya)

Henry McLean 

Charles Robert Brian (Lily and Anna)

Jax Leonard Clyde- This is a perfect example of what Abby wrote about on Monday the modern Jax with the old fashioned Leonard and Clyde




3 thoughts on “Eulsie and Danidza

  1. I wonder if Eulsie is a typo for Elsie? I remember seeing on Media Watch how many typos there are in classifieds now because they outsource them overseas.

    I rather like Quiver as a middle name – kind of like the flip-side to Arrow. It would be strange as a first name, though.

    1. It was Eulsie in the birthday announcement, so I will have to believe that it is Eulsie like Eulalia and Elsie I guess. I immediately thought of quivering with Quiver I wouldn’t use it but it is kind of cool

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