One of the most unusual names on my list Jago is the Cornish and Spanish form of Jacob one of the most popular names of my life (literally it was number one in the US from 1999-2012). Therefore Jago means supplanter. Jago only ranks in England and Wales at 640.    Jago is to… Continue reading Jago


My 5th favourite girls name is Eleanor very similar to my 2nd favourite girls name: Eloise and my 7th favourite girls name: Elena. Eleanor is the English variation of French Provencal Alienor, meaning unknown though could be related to Ellen meaning bright shining one. Eleanor isn’t too common at 110 in Victoria, Eleanor is also… Continue reading Eleanor


The most popular of all my favourite names is Jack the number one name in Western Australia.  Jack is a diminutive of John but is mostly used as a full name.  In Australia Jack is number 3, 3rd in New South Wales, 2nd in Victoria, 3rd in Queensland, 5th in South Australia and 2nd in… Continue reading Jack


  Alice is my 4th favourite girls name as my third favourite name Matilda was blogged about back in October. I first started liking Alice when I was 7 and read the book pictured above. Alice is reasonably popular in Australia at 45, 48 in NSW (2011),  45 inWA and 32 in Victoria (2012). Internationally… Continue reading Alice


My third favourite boys name gets analysed today. That name is almost uniquely Australian only making the top 50  in Australia and New Zealand. Cooper is my most commonly hated inclusion on my list but I love it anyway, also before we go on I should tell you I don’t pronounce it correctly I say… Continue reading Cooper

Bae and Sura: Birth Announcements from July

Twins: Marcello Joseph and Caelan Adam Girls: Sophie Margaret Sura (Caspian) Harper Willow Paige Holly Asher Rochelle Stephanie Mackenzie Anne (Milla) Shelby Ivy Zali Alexis (Jimi) Charlotte Grace (Zac) Vivienne Margaret (Scarlett and Amelia) Eloise Victoria (Flynn and Bridie) Angèlique Simone (twin brothers) Isabella Louise Isla Rose (Kaitlyn and Bradley) Jorja Eloise Kalee Marie (Juleen… Continue reading Bae and Sura: Birth Announcements from July