Taylor Henderson

Taylor on a boy is the name on my boys list and get ready for my boys list to go into surname overdrive (7 out of 10 of the rest of my boys list are surnames). And I call myself a namenerd…


In my defence Taylor it is more popular as a girls name but falling fast, it fell of the top 100 in 2011 from 94 and in Victoria in 2012 it was at 164. But Taylor isn’t the only spelling we use here in Straya Tayla was at 211 and the most popular spelling is Taylah at 121 which seems to be uniquely Australian. For boys Taylor is at 260 and with the limited data I have in this country it’s rising. Taylor for both genders peaked in the 90’s and 38 for girls and 130 for boys so I view it as not as dated on boys but extremely dated for girls, actually Tayla was on my mums list for both me and my sister if I remember correctly. 


Taylor could rise this year because of X-factors Taylor Henderson who came second last season. But the dated and feminine  aspect of Taylor could be a turnoff. 


4 thoughts on “Taylor

  1. Taylor is falling for both boys and girls in every other country, so it really would be a unique situation if it rose for boys in Australia! You’re right it did rise significantly for boys in 2011, but goodness knows what’s happened since then.

    I have noticed though that Tay- names are really on trend on girls in general, and Ty- names for boys.

    1. It could in Australia due to the celebrity connection but does x-factor ever really effect baby names? I do know a female Tyler but your right.

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