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The less popular and more frilly version of Rosalie is the name that makes it onto my list but it isn’t my favourite spelling of the name that is the Lithuanian, Slovene, Croatian, Macedonian beauty that is Rozalija but I can’t pull that off. Rosalia is an Italian name that can have two common nicknames (Rosie and Rose), a dated nickname (Sally) or two uniquely Australian nicknames (Zali and Zalia) due to the fact that I pronounce it Roe-zar-lee-ah but I am unsure how correct that is.


Rosalia is an italian name meaning rose. Rosalia is at 3160 in the UK with 7 born (the same amount of Nevaeha’s were born that year) after peaking in 2007 with 8 born. In the US Rosalia was given to 98  baby girls and was last on the top 1000 in 1932 and peaked at 540 in 1881. 


While Rosalie can contribute its popularity to twilight its sister remains unusual and has old fashioned charm. 


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