Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 12.03.57 pmYes thats right just Alfie not Alfred but Alfie. I actually cannot stand Alfred at all its one of my least favourite names way way too old fashioned for my tastes. But Alfie is fun and youthful but can age with a person well. In Australia Alfie isn’t too popular (201 in Victoria in 2012) but mega popular over in the UK (at 11 down from a peak of 4)


Alfie is a diminutive of Alfred meaning elf council. If I were to use a full name for Alfie it would be Rafael or a hyphenated name my favourite on the UK charts being Alfie-Jai or Alfie-Jay. Alfie only charts in the UK at 11 in England and Wales, 19 in Northern Ireland and 17 in Scotland and also 79 in Ireland. 

Could Alfie ever join our popularity charts? Probably not as it is falling in England.



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