Screen Shot 2014-08-23 at 11.45.35 amTodays name is Asher, sorry I didn’t post yesterday I was half asleep most of the day. Asher is a one of the few unisex names on my list as Asher also charts for girls in Australia. Asher is a hebrew name meaning happy or blessed, could it be a way to honour my brother Isaac (a hebrew name meaning laughter). In Australia Asher isn’t in the top 100 but for girls especially has been rising due to actress Asher Keddie. For girls it was at 195 in Victoria and 165 for boys. In America it is at 104 so maybe it will enter the top 100 next year?, 311 in the UK and a top 100 name in Canada at 84 and would be in the mid 100’s in New Zealand as it was at 95 in 2012. 


Asher could be a potential top 100 name and is perfect for parents who find Ashley too feminine or too dated (although I wouldn’t be surprised if Asher became a top 100 name for girls if Asher Keddie can remain popular). 



3 thoughts on “Asher

  1. Oh that’s a great way to make a connection to your brother! I didn’t use to think much of Asher, but after I featured it on my blog, the history of it was so much more exciting than what baby name websites say that I started to like it quite a lot.

    1. Thanks I wasn’t too sure how well it worked but they have similar meanings and origins. I didn’t like it much either for years and then for some reason I just began to like it and it’s now in my top ten.

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