Brandy about two years ago
Brandy about two years ago

Because I’m going home tonight I will take a break from writing about my favourite names to talk about my favourite animals name Brandy. Brandy wasn’t names by us we got her when she was two years old in about 2004 (see bottom photo) and is still alive today. Brandy gets called and responds to many different names: Brandy, Bebe, Bee, Brands, Brandy Bear and Beezus (Our other dog Gemma is Gege, Ge and Geezus as a result). Brandy is 40 on’s most popular dog names list but when it comes to humans being named Brandy there are few especially in Australia where it has never ranked. Brandy fell off the US top 1000 in 2007 when it was at 888, Brandi in 2007 from 851 and Brandie in 1996 from 843. Brandy though did peak in the top 100 at 37 in 1978 and spent 14 years in the top 100. In England Brandy’s chart story has been up and down it peaked in 1999 with 10 babies and was last on the chart in 2009 with three babies and has charted for eight years on and off, Brandi peaked in 1998 with 7 babies and last charted in 2005 and Brandie peaked 1997 with 5 babies and last charted in 2001. Brandy as a name has a very different chart story to my other two dogs names: Gemma and Dash and my cats name Tommy. If I can get or find photos of them I may cover there names as well as Gemma does have an interesting chart story which I have covered before

Baby Ebony and Baby Brandy circa 2004
Baby Ebony and Baby Brandy circa 2004

3 thoughts on “Brandy

  1. Aw what a nice doggie. Our next door neighbours have a cattle dog which could be your Brandy’s clone, and she has the most beautiful temperament, so calm and affectionate. Her name is Sandy!

    I guess Brandy is named after the brown part of her coat, and Sandy is named after the light part of her coat.

    1. I would assume so as well.
      Brandy is a total sweetheart but she’s getting a bit grumpy now I guess so would I after becoming three legged and not allowed to work :). She’s a full kelpie theres a lot of them around.

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