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Lincoln a surname name that peaks in Australia mainly because of a home and away star and my 8th favourite name. First things first Lincoln’s rise in Australia especially last year could come down to Lincoln Younes who joined the home and away cast as Casey Braxton in 2011 when it made it to 86 by the next year it was at 67 to this year make it 50. Though it really only has one more year of home and away led rising with his character being killed off but depending on the success of the new show Lincoln Younes is joining (love child) it could be in the top 40 in the next two years. 


In Australia as I previously stated is at 50, 95 in the US, 70 in New Zealand and 204 in England. In Western Australia it is at joint 38 with Braxton. Lincoln means town by the pool. 


I actually know a little Lincoln who made me love the name, it’s one of the few names on my boys list that I know someone with the name before I put it on my list. I also love the nickname Link which the young Lincoln (who is three) gets called. 



3 thoughts on “Lincoln

  1. Lincoln came on the charts in the 1970s, and I would love to know why – all I can think of is that Robin Hood was fairly big then, and Robin Hood wore Lincoln green. Flimsy? I don’t even know if Lincoln green was specifically mentioned in any of the movies or TV shows.

    The other thing I can think of is that Elvis drove a Lincoln, but don’t know how widely that was known at the time.

    Lincoln began rising steeply after “Prison Break”, which had an Australian actor as Lincoln Burrows. Interesting to see where it goes – it has a similar sort of sound to Lachlan (which began rising in the 1970s hmm).

    1. I was more looking at the rise into the top 50 as it started to rise quite quickly after then but yes it’s biggest rise was from 2000-2004 to 2005-2008. I don’t really know how it got into the charts in the 70’s just sound alone I’d guess if Lachlan was also rising around the same time.

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