Screen Shot 2014-08-19 at 11.09.49 amTodays name is Felicity. Felicity is a latin name meaning Lucky ultimately derives from Latin felicitas “good luck”. I originally preferred the french spelling Félicité but gave up on it as it’s unpronounceable in English. Felicity is reasonably rare never making the top 100, peaking at just 116 in the 70’s but it’s not dated like Michelle and Nicole. Felicity is still in the top 200 at 199 in Victoria. Felicity is 579 in the US and 169 in the UK. 

What I like about Felicity is the meaning and the way it rolls of the tongue. I also love the nicknames: Fliss (my favourite), Flick, Felix and Lissy. 




5 thoughts on “Felicity

  1. It did get into the bottom of the Top 100 in the late 1970s, but didn’t stay there long, and I don’t think it has dated either, even though I had a couple of Felicitys around my age at school and university.

    With Felix becoming quite popular, maybe Felicity will rise as well? We’ve seen names pull up similar names of the opposite sex as well before.

    1. Right well it didn’t stay there for too long I’m guessing? I can’t really tell as I use baby name explorer. The only Felicity I know was my food teacher who would have born in the late 70’s

      I hope so as Felicity is darling.

      1. If you go to the NSW BDM, they have Top 100s for every year from 1960 onwards.


        Victoria goes back to 1929, but they’re slightly more of a pain, as they’re not numbered.

        Felicity was in the NSW Top 100 from 1976-79, and at one point was a similar level to popularity to Olivia, but while Olivia went on to bigger things, Felicity slipped away again. I would recommend Felicity to someone who liked Olivia, but thought it was too popular, as they have a similar style and sound.

      2. Thanks I’ll look at those. I tend to just focus of WA unless it’s certain decades but when I making statements like that I guess I should check

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