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Amelia a name I love mostly for the nickname Millie but I also love the sound of Amelia. Amelia means work. Amelia is at 6 in Australia and 9 in WA. It is in the top 5 in three states: New South Wales, Victoria and Northern Territory . Internationally it is at 17 in the US, 1 in England and Wales, 20 in Canada, 179 in France, 12 in Ireland, 196 in the Netherlands, 7 in New Zealand, 4 in Northern Ireland, 75 in Norway, 6 in Poland and 8 in Scotland. 


Amelia is a beautiful old fashioned name that has been gaining since the 1990’s but I still only know two Amelia’s. Amelia also has many nicknames though I really only love Millie. 


3 thoughts on “Amelia

  1. Amelia is a sweet name, although it always reminds me of the “Amelia Jane” stories by Enid Blyton, where Amelia Jane is a terrorising rag doll! I love the nickname Millie.

    Even though Amelia is very popular, I only know a couple of children named Amelia as well, and two adults – one older than me.

    1. The only Amelia’s I know are 15 and 13 the younger children I know have names that were rare when I was younger or just rising in popularity.

      I’ve never actually heard of that story 🙂

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