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The most popular of all my favourite names is Jack the number one name in Western Australia.  Jack is a diminutive of John but is mostly used as a full name.  In Australia Jack is number 3, 3rd in New South Wales, 2nd in Victoria, 3rd in Queensland, 5th in South Australia and 2nd in Tasmania. Internationally Jack isn’t as popular but still a very common name: 40 in the US, 3 in England, 10 in Canada, 1 in Ireland, 62 in the Netherlands, 2 in New Zealand, 1 in Northern Ireland, 1 in Scotland and 42 in Sweden. In some countries yes Jack is more popular there but in Australia Jackson is in the top 5 in New Zealand where Jack is 2nd. Jackson is back at 26. When Jack, Jackson and Jaxon are combined they become the overall top name.


What I like about Jack is that it’s the kind of name everyone likes and it has a warm quality about it.


3 thoughts on “Jack

    1. I actually only know two Jack’s one is 13 the other is 7 but I know two Jaxon’s and a Jackson. It’s the kind of name that sounds popular but retains it’s charm unlike Lachlan.

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