Princess Alice from the Tiara Club
Princess Alice from the Tiara Club

Alice is my 4th favourite girls name as my third favourite name Matilda was blogged about back in October. I first started liking Alice when I was 7 and read the book pictured above. Alice is reasonably popular in Australia at 45, 48 in NSW (2011),  45 inWA and 32 in Victoria (2012). Internationally Alice is gaining 107 in the US, 32 in the UK, 84 in Canada, 14 in Belgium, 69 in Ireland, 10 in Italy, 420 in the Netherlands, 55 in New Zealand, 84 in Northern Ireland, 54 in Scotland and 1 in Sweden.


Alice has a lovely old fashioned charm to it and even though I generally don’t like old lady names the only Alice’s I know are under 50 (one of them is my age the other is a close friend of my mum’s). But because my mother dislikes Alice it will most likely never be used.

3 thoughts on “Alice

  1. Alice is one of my favourite names – it’s just sweet, without being sickly or cloying. I don’t think of it as “old-ladyish”, as I know Alices of all ages.

    Your mum must really dislike the name Alice if she has a close friend with the name and still hates it; most of the time you end up at least tolerating the names of your best friends.

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