Eloise from the plaza
Eloise from the plaza

I’m challenging myself to a post per day for the next month or two and am hoping to be able to give an insight into the names I love and if I can find it the names I used to love.  Todays name is Eloise. Eloise is a French and English variant of the German Heloise meaning healthy:wide. Eloise is one of the fastest rising names in Australia rising 19 places to 68 last year. It also ranks 338 in the US, 110 in England, 88 in Belgium and 62 in France. What I love about Eloise is the sound and the way it rolls off the tongue and many El names and Louise are both family names. My mother is Elspeth,  my grandmother is Isobel and my sister is Adele while my sister, cousin and aunt all share the middle name of Louise. I also love the nicknames Lulu, Lula and Ellie for it.


Eloise is a name that deserves it’s rise in popularity and maybe it will take over the tired Ella?

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