Bae and Sura: Birth Announcements from July

Giant Ram in Wagin Western Australia
Giant Ram in Wagin Western Australia


Marcello Joseph and Caelan Adam


Sophie Margaret

Sura (Caspian)


Willow Paige

Holly Asher

Rochelle Stephanie

Mackenzie Anne (Milla)

Shelby Ivy

Zali Alexis (Jimi)

Charlotte Grace (Zac)

Vivienne Margaret (Scarlett and Amelia)

Eloise Victoria (Flynn and Bridie)

Angèlique Simone (twin brothers)

Isabella Louise

Isla Rose (Kaitlyn and Bradley)

Jorja Eloise

Kalee Marie (Juleen and Gregan)

Eva Marie (Ella Rose)

Ellie Anastasia (Xander)

Piper Anne (Kaia and Quinn)

Indi (Mako and Nash)

Isabelle Claire

Isla Raine (Ben and Cooper)

Alba Rose

Lucy Helen

Quinnley Winter-Rose

Eryn Joy (Callum)

Emma Alexandra

Alexandra Louise

Lexi Emma (Adyson)

Mia Grace (Ella)

Heidi Mary (Evan and Darcy)

Olivia Mary

Zoe Adella (Annabelle and Imogen)

Kaitlyn Lise (Ashley)

Alannah Marie

Lilah Elizabeth


Archer Samuel (Chase and Koha)

Tom Andrew (Chanelle)

Jaxon Gray

Lucas Jackson

Sam Mars (Sofia, Natalia and Dominic)

Kyran Tyson

Jai Kobe (Rylan)

Cooper Nate (Jett, Tahlia and Jesse)

Liam Jake (Olivia and Mason)

Benjamin Marc

Brady James

Taj Charles Frederick

Kade Francis (Logan and Milly)

Alby Lindsay (Theo)

Matthew Peter

Xavier John Baptist (Grace)

Ashton Stephen (Jacob, Deklen, Ella and Hudson)

Bae Marco

Coby Ronald (Jackson)

Carter Henry Anton (Amelia and Lawson)

Samuel Thomas

Cooper James

Aiden Max

Morgan Patrick (James and Coby)

Marcus Jacob (Toby)

Lucas John (Amber)

Thomas Arthur (Max and Harry)

Lee Phillip (Filippo, Alessandro and Charli)

Mitchell Ryan (Tayla and Pippa)

Oscar Joe

Aiden Jacob (Xavier)

Kallan Jaxon (Ava and Zalie)

William Oscar

Tate Gavin Ian (Xavier)

Reid (Landon)

Orion Hunter

Kurtis John (Clayton)

Callum Gabriel

Noah David (Charlotte)

Connor William



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